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Remy Stroomer - EoD

On the verge of this millennium, Remy releases his ‘Exhibition of Dreams'. Ten years later, he makes up the balance with completely revised versions, now as a full-length cd released by AKH Records. Melodic and enduring compositions from an artist who grows into his role as one of Holland’s current leading musicians in electronic music.


For the tenth anniversary of his first album, Dutch synthesizer musician Remy Stroomer came up with something special. He decided to release a remastered selection of tracks from "Exhibition of Dreams", as well as some newly recorded versions of the original 1999 material. This latter version is what I am going to review here. "Entering the Dream" begins with lilting melodic sequences, joined my more gorgeous electronic pulsations. The bass throb has something of a Schulze quality to it - a lovely, complex pattern. Make no mistake, this is high quality melodic EM, with great key changes that just get under your skin. The original tracks were recorded in one take and this can easily be heard in the flowing, organic nature of this composition. The second half of this track is occupied by the same melodic theme, this time joined by insistent drum rhythm and wonderful cosmic analog solo. "Velocity" starts with an even more urgent and driving sequence. However, the melodic content is still fairly strong here, this time made up of complex symphonic themes. The track falls squarely into Klaus Schulze's late 1980's style, but there are differences. First, the drum rhythm Remy uses is much heavier than what Klaus used back then. Secondly, whereas Klaus relied very much on sampled textures at that time, Remy tends to use purely synthetic textures more freely. The unique track of the bunch is certainly "Lunascape". It relies on a minimalistic four-note pattern, around which Remy builds a melancholic soundscape full of Classical strings, Mellotron voices and floating pads. In the second half, a slow rhythm compliments the wonderfully grim and melancholic sound of this composition. The rhythm then quickens its pace as the track becomes even slightly danceable, without losing its romantic / melancholic flair. A solo cries on top and no sequences are heard, apart from the said four-note motif. "Silent Conversations" has an airy, misty aura about it. There are multiple pulsations, but the fog envelops everything, the melodies sounding as if coming from a long-forgotten dream. Shadowy, dark and melancholic - that's what this track really is. A heavy rhythm is introduced but the melodic content is still the main attraction of this composition. It's a tune you can almost whistle to, much more accessible that what Remy has been known for during the last several years. The album comes to a close with a 20+ minute "Mirage". Bell-like sequences open this piece of music in typical Remy fashion. Talking about comparisons, this is probably the most Schulze-sounding track of the entire album. All the key changes, the insistent nature of the composition, sharp, computer-aided sequencing, everything reminds on the good old days (I am talking 1986 - 1991 here) of the Master. However, Remy brings in a good dose of individual character to the already familiar style of music. Wonderful, fast soloing presages the coming of a quiet section with almost guitar-like melancholic notes ("In Blue", anyone?). The stiff, dense sequences then return in all their glory, to be joined by melancholic 'tron strings. A heavy hip-hop style rhythm enters, while the melodic content grows in intensity, with new melodies added and old ones gaining volume. A key change follows, as a liquid solo is heard. This is quite some ecstatic EM, stone cold and yet emotional, mechanical and yet easy-going, aggressive and yet soft, sterile and yet organic, impenetrable and yet infiltrating your very soul. A complete change of mood follows, with Mellotron dominating and the track losing much of it oomph and yet with a feeling of menace still lurking inside. An aggressive Moog solo echoes into the distance as the drums go overcharge. A wonderful way to finish this great album, I would add.


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  1. Remy Stroomer - Entering The Dream
  2. Remy Stroomer - Velocity
  3. Remy Stroomer - Lunascape
  4. Remy Stroomer - Silent Conversations
  5. Remy Stroomer - Mirage