Iuno - Everything Nothing

Everything Nothing


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(...) The yang of the serious beats finds its yin in Stella's vocals. The result is simply electronic poetry. Iuno is one of the bands of the new generation; they have come, and they will not go just like that. This is an extreme recommendation for every triphopper.

2004. Tripofagia


It's a fantastic feeling when triphop.hu gets a little part in the success of emerging artists. We had some time ago an interview with Iuno from the Netherlands and boom: here they are again with their first album out on AKH Records. To be honest, as we put 'Everything nothing' in our cd-player we were waiting for the moods of their previous lead-song 'All in all'. But something totally different came out from the speakers...
Singer Stella Bergsma and producer-performer Steven de Munnik produced twelve world-class tracks on their release 'Everything nothing'. Steven managed to produce an album full of excellent soundscapes without any triviality - but what Stella did with her voice is almost unbelievable. From Beth Gibbons' mournful voice (in 'Nothing') to Martina Topley-Bird's clang (in 'Fracture'), she does everything. But without any comparison, she has a voice and style of her own, worth of the biggest names in triphop-music.
If something uncomparable doesn't happen, we have _the_ newcomer of the year: ladies and gents, all hail Iuno with 'Everything nothing'!

18.09.2004. Triphop.hu


The talented trip hop band from the Netherlands, have sent in their work from the ground braking album Everything Nothing. Iuno consist of Stella Bergma and Steve de Munnik, Stella provide a great voice for Iuno while Steve produces and performs the music, the whole team was very impressed with what we heard and decided that Iuno must be featured on this site. The work sent in is very different from track to track, none of these have a repeated like sound but a fresh and innovative approach to the music they produce. Iuno is already spreading their wings, recently signed by AKH Records their latest release Everything Nothing yet to reach world fame, Iuno has definitely something new to offer, Iuno are at their best when presented to a crowd on stage, with help from Iuno Laboratory they achieve great sound scapes topped by Stella's incredible voice. The tracks listed give a very clear image for this band, professional and passionate.

2005. Piras Productions


CD Album (AKH07041-2)
  1. Iuno - Everything
  2. Iuno - Nothing
  3. Iuno - Fracture
  4. Iuno - Pride
  5. Iuno - Seconds
  6. Iuno - You and Me
  7. Iuno - Precious
  8. Iuno - Candles & Needles
  9. Iuno - Riddlz
  10. Iuno - The Odd One In
  11. Iuno - Guts
  12. Iuno - Vertigo